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A series of miniature objects designed after color investigation to connect the user to houseplants and playfulness.

Last year, when I moved into my own apartment, I had the urge to create a green environment in the private home space. I began to grow a large amount of plants in my balcony, and I engaged in the processes of germination and plant propagation. Over time my balcony became my little private lab. Sitting there, I began to construct soft, small objects that will be able to contain my plants and still be playful so that I can combine several types of plants together and create dynamic structures that contain them.

I delved into form and color study by creating my own textiles and textile connections. I tested various finishes and ways to join fabrics using diverse embroidery stitches. The color palette references to the colorfulness of flora and vegetation, so that the textiles harmonize with the plants. The material used for the objects is polyester thread characterized for its glint and durability. Next in the process was the weaving of the fabrics with an Industrial loom. Some of the fabrics were printed on using screen printing. The final step was sewing, which consisted mostly of hand sewing, and embroidery on top of it.

By looking at Japanese flower arrangements and thinking about symmetry and breaking it, I have created objects that constitute a miniature playful world which contains plants and gives a home for a growing laboratory such as mine.

* This project was featured in the New York textile month 5th printed issue.

* Later on in February 2021 it was presented at "Nature Awakens", an exhibition of Edmond de Rothschild Foundation center in Tel Aviv.

*In July 2022 it was presented at Talente 2022- Masters of the Future exhibition in Munich, Germany.*

Photography: Ariel Medina

Multidisciplinary Designer

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