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Discover convenience and inspiration in one app. Say goodbye to endless browsing and pinning; effortlessly organize and create the perfect intimate gathering hosting experience.

The problem

While planning cozy gatherings and aiming to foster meaningful connections, many individuals struggle with the challenges of managing multiplying information and tasks. Browsing through various sources, pinning images, and taking notes across different platforms can be time-consuming and disorganized, making it clear that there's a pressing need for a solution that simplifies the planning process and helps craft unforgettable intimate gatherings.


The persona

Hagit Cohen, 34, Tel Aviv


  • Description: Working mom with limited free time

  • Passion: Loves to entertain and create memorable and meaningful experiences

  • Struggle: Balancing responsibilities and be organized while

  • creating a hosting

  • Need: Simplify the hosting process and overcome challenges

  • Likes: Time-saving tools, ready-to-use templates

  • Appreciates: Effortless hosting planning, Cozy gatheringsimpress guests, stress-free hosting

The needs

User research

I conducted an online survey in order to analyze the behaviors and commonalities among potential users. In total, 28 individuals participated in the survey, providing valuable insights that helped me identify and address the problems accurately.



Assistance in organizing events efficiently, managing guest lists invitations and logistics

Creative inspiration

Seeking ideas and inspiration for themes, decorations, activities, and recipes



Tools and resources that save them time and effort in planning



Alleviate the stress associated with event planning

64% Organization and shopping

50% Decide on recipes

25% Entertain the guests

21% What would people think 

The most difficult activity while planning a hosting:

57% Experience stress when attending hostings due to their allergies or different dietary preferences

75% Expressed that their favorite aspect of hosting is the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their guests

61% Expressed they preferred to limit the planning of their hosting event to a maximum of one hour

63% Rely on web and social media sites to gather their recipes

Competitive analysis



Connects people with local hosts for dining experiences.


  • Connection with local hosts

  • Interactive dining experiences

  • Quality assurance

Kitchen Stories

Video based app for recipes


  • Helpful cooking tips

       and tricks

  • Meal planning and grocery lists

  • Community engagement


All for cooking needs- from finding recipes to grocery shopping to meal planning

  • Guided cooking experience

  • Voice-activated commands

  • Interactive features


  • Limited availability in certain regions

  • Reliance on host availability

  • Search functionality limitations

  • Interface customization limitations

  • Lack of extensive personalization options

  • Limited community interaction

User scenario

Hagit wants to invite three of her friends over for an intimate lunch.
She opens Hostnest and browses through the extensive collection of themed hosting. She decides she would like to make a Japanese lunch.
Hostnest has in it’s recipes a shopping list that Hagit reviews, makes her adjustments, and conveniently checks off the items as she shops.
On the day of the lunch, Hagit feels confident and well-prepared.


The solution

Hostnest simplifies hosting with features like inspiration, event creation, guest management, and ingredient checklists. With Hostnest, planning and organizing events becomes effortless. The app goes the extra mile by considering even the smallest details when suggesting entertainment options and other recommendations, all tailored to create unforgettable intimate and close-knit gatherings.

Create a hosting

how many
snacks or
yes celebration
family pick
date and time
almost there

Make your choices

hosting homepage
picking recipes
picking entertainment

Create a guest list & checklist 
Optionally: assign guests to bring some products


Check your profile page for all hostings

Check profile page for all hostings

Insights and Adjusments

Number of people choice

After gathering user opinions, I considered allowing users to input any number for a large gathering. However, specific insightful user feedback highlighted the importance of quality time with invited friends, suggesting smaller, cozier gatherings of up to 10 people.

up to

Keeping number of guests up to 10

Celebration screen

I included a question asking whether the created hosting is a celebration or not. To me, this fact will help the app create a more personalized and unique hosting experience, tailored to the occasion and the individual who celebrates. Also, it aligns with the decision to limit each hosting to ten guests max, ensuring a more intimate and memorable celebration.

Is it a celebration? Screen


It is important for the hosts to ask their guests for their allergies and other preferences

Clear data in profile page, where all hostings are in order to make planning more efficient

The app has to be easy to use, intuitive and sociable, presenting a playful vibe


Style guide moodboard


The design of HostNest is inspired by the charm and sophistication of 1940s and 1950s London, directly influencing the design language of the app. This aesthetic encapsulates a timeless elegance, reminiscent of an era where hostess women embodied grace, and gatherings were intimate. The minimalist black lines, reminiscent of London graphics from that era, serve as a foundation, emphasizing the simplicity and sophistication woven into the app's warm and welcoming hosting experiences.


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