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Curates personalized, tailor-made art tours based on your preferences.


The problem

People crave meaningful cultural experiences, like exploring art with family and friends, but struggle to

find suitable options based on their preferences, group size, and available time.

The persona

Description: 38-year-old mom and interior designer.
Passion: Embraces art as her favorite form of cultural expression, seeking diverse art styles and artists.
Struggle: Finding suitable art experiences for family gatherings that align with their interests and limited time.
Need: Simplified discovery of art tours considering preferences, family size, and schedule.
Likes: Curated art tours, customizable options, wide selection of art styles and exhibitions.
Appreciates: Time-saving, art experiences, enjoyable and educational family time.

Miri tal , 38, Givatayim

"During our gatherings, I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to delve into art discovery. I yearn for these enjoyable cultural moments spent with my family”

The needs

Cultural Exploration

Users need to engage in cultural art experiences with their family.

Family- Friendly Options

Gatherings suitable for families


Plan and coordinate art outings, considering special schedule and preferences.


Guidance in the art world is especially valuable for users who are not well-versed in it.



Time-saving solution that simplifies the process of accessing art experiences.

An online survey with 25 participants was conducted in order to gather accurate insights.It played a crucial role in shaping the app's solutions and features.

User research

What keeps you from attending
exhibitions and discovering more art?

40% Lack of awareness
30% Busy schedules
18%  Cost of tickets
12%  Intimidation- lack of knowledge

What holds the highest priority for you
when seeking to explore art?

50% Artists I love
25% Art style
15% Object kind
10% Social networks

65% Expressed their desire to have additional points of interest within the app, such as dining or rest areas.

55%  Preferred an app that builds routes rather than redirecting to Moovit or Google Maps.

90%  Expressed their enthusiasm for the option to invite friends for a tour directly through the app.

Competitive Analysis

Rectangle 82.png
Rectangle 84.png




Scan artworks and gives information about them,
has museum tours.

Online platform of images and videos of artworks from partner cultural organizations.

Travel agency and online marketplace app for tour guides and excursions.

  • “Shazam” for art works

  • Can be used in 85 museums around the world

  • Theres an online shop

  • Easy to use

  • Make it easy to find, analyze and compare tours

  • User-friendly interface
    A variety of tours

  • Makes art accessible to all audiences and ages

  • Learning resources related to art, history, and culture freely available online

  • Does not offer tours based on the user's location

  • Shows only art exhibited in the 85 funding museum

  • There is no personalized discovery by works user liked

  • Some well-known artists are not well represented

  • Not available in all regions

  • Additional fees unknown by user

  • There aren’t much art tours

User scenario and solution

Miri, 38 year old mom and interior designer with a busy schedule, wants to have a cultural Friday morning with her husband and son.
She opens ARTour and start building her friday morning tour. She decides she would like to explore art works by her favorite artist- Dani karavan sculptures and bauhaus/modernism styled architecture.


This is ARTour

This is the first time Miri enters the app . she's introduced to a simple onboarding screen. It highlights the power of the app to effortlessly discover, customize, and get notifications about nearby art.


Explore built tours

Miri explores the app's homepage with a mix of artist-crafted and app-generated art tours spanning various styles, movements, and locations. She can seamlessly explore and save diverse tours based on her artistic preferences.

Creating a tour

In a playful way

Miri enters the tour creation screen, greeted with a myriad of options: styles, artists, locations, and object types. The app also prompts her to choose a date, time, and group size for her Friday morning tour.


Explore sites

On the tour preview screen, Miri is presented with the art tour crafted from her choices. The app suggests highlights, allowing her to decide whether to keep or modify them effortlessly. Miri can explore each highlight individually, with the app providing customized directions tailored to her preferred mode of transportation.


​The app should cater to families by providing content and activities suitable for all age groups.

Family- Friendly Experience

The app should offer personalized art routes based on art style, artist, object, location, group size, and date preferences.


The routes should include suggestions of coffee places, restaurants or places to rest in between the tours.


Users should have the ability to invite and share their art experiences with others, allowing them to connect and explore together.


Style Guide








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Miriam Libre

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